Tuesday, September 21, 2010

the delicate place

I did a wonderful shoot with a friend today, which I will post later. I asked her to take my outfit photos today, and for never using a dslr, I think she did pretty well.

This is one of my favorite dresses, but after seeing the photos, I realized it makes me look a little bottom heavy. That definitely won't stop me from wearing it though! I always feel like a ballerina or ice skater, which I think is why I love it.

Dress- UO
Black oxford heels-from a random shoe store, brand is Connie
Pleather Jacket-Target
Bow necklace-Valentine's day gift

Thank you for visiting!
Anna Hricko


  1. you are gorgeous, my dear.
    i adore this outfit! not so sure i agree with the bottom heavy sentiment, i would say you look curvy in a very good way. very balanced.
    and, you have very cute freckles. the matching ones on your chest are just gorgeous. and the ones on your face are just beautiful. i know i'm pouring out compliments like crazy...but trust me, you deserve them all. you are a true beauty.
    also, one last thing, i love the tattoo on you back...is it a picasso sketch?

  2. thank you, bethany! you're the best. really. but post on your blog, damnit! i wanna keep up with your life (other than facebook statuses).

    and yes, that is picasso!! you're the first person who has known what it was before i told them. it's called war and peace. picasso is the best, isn't he?

  3. i have something similar to your necklace but my bow pendant is slightly bigger

    i love how you pair the jacket with the dress , like i 've said for the 100times i adores your style