Wednesday, September 29, 2010

long time no blog

hello! it's been about a week since i've blogged last, and that's because i have been SO SICK. my chest is so congested that i can't breathe very well. needless to say, i have been in nothing but pajamas for the last week, so there were no outfits to take pictures of.

yesterday was my birthday (21, yay!), so i went out with my friends and got a wonderful pina colada for my first legal drink in america. so yummy! i got a bottle of wine, a teapot, a book about lady gaga, and matthew made me an entryway table. i am a blessed 21 year old.

dress, jacket-target
black wedges-UO
blue cardi-h&m
bag-anthropologie (i use this bag almost everyday)

thank you for reading,
Anna Rose


  1. I love the ruffles on your dress! You look beautiful. Congratulations, 21-year-old!

  2. happy birthday!!! i hope you had an amazing one!
    oh if i could be 21 again..haha.
    i love your are absolutely beautiful!

  3. Happy Birthday! 21 even, that's pretty special :)
    Love this combination on you, that dress is gorgeous & I really like it paired with that jacket.
    Hope you feel better soon xo

  4. I have recently discovered layers of ruffles are so unexpectedly flattering!
    You look awesome!!


  5. I love the lighting in the pictures, your style is so cute! xo