Tuesday, October 5, 2010

no sunlight

Despite the awful weather, I managed to step outside to take some pictures. I didn't mind because it was a nice distraction from my piles of homework. I have to memorize the first part of the General Prologue of the Canterbury Tales. Worst assignment ever? I think so. I can't wait for this week to be over! Living for friday at this point. Penn State game this weekend. We'll see if I can avoid sunburn this time. My fair skin doesn't do well when the sun shines directly on it for four hours! Now I have to work on creating a cute, warm, blue and white outfit for the game.

Dress: UO
Cardi: h&m
Tights: target
Socks: topshop
Shoes: famous footwear, brand Connie
Watch ring: UO
Green ring: etsy
Necklace: forever21

So, here are some things I am craving from fall. All from ASOS. I am nervous to order anything because I don't really know my size. What is a good estimate for a US 12-14 in UK sizes? 

Velvet Maxi Skirt
Tan Leather Bomber
Black Leather Boots

Thanks for reading!
Anna Rose


  1. Cute outfit!

    I think the general rule for US to UK sizes is go up one to two. So you would probably be a 16-18. Check the measurements though to make sure :)

  2. First of all, your red hair looks awesome and outfit superb.

    Secondly, what is the benefit of having to memorize the Canterbury Tales intro? Sigh, modern education.

    PS- I am nervous about ordering from ASOS too!

  3. Hey Sweetie, thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving a comment, I really like yours so I have joined your followers.

    I love your new hair colour too and I hope Friday comes around soon for you xxx

  4. Love the pale pink and gray combo of your outfit.

    About the tattoo, it's a old viking symbol. I wrote a short post about it here:
    if you're interested in hearing the whole story.

  5. Don't you just love F21 jewelry?? I could shop there everyday ;-)

    Oh, and sweetie, have you inputted your state information yet at LOCATION CENTRAL? It's the blog where you find other bloggers in your area.

  6. Oh Lovely, could you get in touch with me? There's a project I'd like to tell you about...


  7. i saw some of my fav bloggers rocking the tights from Target and u of course pull off the look so well too , sound so cliche' but i love the outfit top to toe

    and how i wish i can have your complexion and hair color but alas we are all so unique in our own ways

    i am so glad i found your blog