Wednesday, October 20, 2010

wild wild horses

Hellooooo! I'm such a bad blogger, aren't I? I don't know how all of you do it. I have been finding it increasingly hard to find time to take outfit photos. I get home at 4:30pm everyday, so after I get settled and eat some food, the light has gone away. It will be even harder when we turn back the clock for daylight savings. Boooo to losing daylight!

So, I started taking pictures for today's outfit and after about 4 photos, my battery died. By the time the battery charged, there was no light outside to continue. I did my best inside, but I don't know how good that is.

Beware: I'm wearing big hoop earrings. I get made fun of for wearing these, but I can't seem to separate from them. Are they too ghetto? 

top: anthro
skirt: target (5 dollars!)
blazer: thrift
clogs: top shop
necklace: vintage (friend's grandmother's)

And an added little treat: the cutest little kitty in the world.

In other news, I'm taking a last minute trip to Virginia this weekend. My friend, who is in the Air Force, just moved from Hawaii to Virginia. My friend from North Carolina, who is in the Army, is coming up as well. It will be a lovely reunion and I get to meet my friend's baby! Yay! I'll be posting pictures so keep checking in.

Thanks for visiting,
Anna Rose


  1. is that a magnifying necklace? and I love the lace up clogs!

  2. Hi I just found your blog and have enjoyed reading, I love your style, it's so romantic.
    I love this outfit, the skirt is so cute.

  3. that skirt is so pretty and what a bargain!!! and i love your shoes they are amazing!!

  4. Lovely outfit! Have a safe trip! xxx

  5. i love this outfit.
    the lace with the corduroy is perfect.
    wonderful pairing.
    the shoes are pretty amazing too.
    have a safe trip!!

  6. I love the shirt! Great photos too! xoxo

  7. i've got to admit i'm not the biggest fan of hoops but i love your skirt and shoes! x

  8. Love this outfit, those shoes are amazing! xxx

  9. You are an absolute doll.

    Would you be interested in joining a clothes swap with 11 gals so far?

    I love your style dearie, and it looks as though we're around the same size (the exception being HEIGHT-- you lovely talliish gal.)

    Anyhow, just let me know honeybee.

    PS: You. are. gorgeous. xx

  10. Omg, obsessed with those shoes! Fab blog!!

    November Grey
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  11. I actually really love how you've put this outfit together! Those shoes are mezzin' :)
    I think the hoops aren't too ghetto, I guess that's just your style.
    Visit me:

  12. aw, you look so cute! i'm loving all your photos there a kind of vintage-y vibe about them :)

  13. i want those topshop clogs SOOOO badly but have no money :( lucky you they are lush and i love you ankle tattoos, such a cute placing

    R x